Calibration Consultancy

Introduction to Calibration Consultancy

Calibration consultancy is a specialized service that helps organizations to ensure that their measurement equipment is accurate and reliable. This service involves testing, adjusting, and verifying the performance of measurement devices, including instruments, gauges, and sensors. Calibration consultancy ensures that equipment is operating within specified tolerances, and it also helps to identify and correct any issues that may be affecting the accuracy of the equipment.

Importance of Calibration Consultancy

Calibration consultancy is an important aspect of quality control and assurance. Accurate measurement equipment is essential for organizations in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and scientific research. Inaccurate equipment can lead to poor product quality, wasted resources, and even safety hazards. By ensuring that equipment is properly calibrated, organizations can improve the accuracy and reliability of their measurements, reduce costs, and enhance safety.

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Calibration Consultancy Standards

There are a number of national and international standards that apply to calibration consultancy, including ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17020:2012. These standards provide guidelines for the calibration process, including requirements for personnel, procedures, and documentation. Organizations that are accredited to these standards are considered to have demonstrated a high level of competence in calibration consultancy.

Calibration Consultancy Services

Calibration consultancy services can include a wide range of activities, including equipment testing, adjustment, and repair. Services may also include training for personnel, development of procedures and instructions, and provision of Calibration Certificate. In addition, many calibration consultancy providers offer on-site services, which allow organizations to have their equipment calibrated at their own facilities, minimizing downtime and disruption to operations.

Advancement in Calibration Consultancy Services

Calibration consultancy services have marked significant advancements in the recent years. Now consultancy services offer on-site consultancy services and mobile calibration labs containing effective instruments such portable Non Destructive Testing instruments, digital pressure gauges, thermocouples, and many simulation software that ease quick decision making on the industry level. 

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Calibration Consultancy in Bangladesh: Challenges and Solutions

Like many developing countries, Bangladesh faces a number of challenges in the area of calibration consultancy. These include a lack of qualified personnel, limited access to specialized equipment and facilities, and insufficient investment in research and development. To address these challenges, the government of Bangladesh should invest in the development of local expertise, encourage the establishment of local calibration facilities, and provide incentives for research and development in the field of calibration consultancy.

On-Site Calibration Consultancy Services

On-site calibration consultancy services provide organizations with the convenience of having their equipment tested and calibrated at their own facilities and getting useful suggestions for the modification of their production process. Experts of such on-site consultancy services monitor and test industrial instruments practically which paves the way to effective calibration consultancy for the industrial operations.

Calibration Consultancy for Medical Devices

Medical devices are used to diagnose and treat patients, so it is essential that they are accurate and reliable. Calibration consultancy for medical devices is vital to ensure patient safety, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Medical device manufacturers, suppliers and facilities can use the services of calibration consultancy provider to test and certify the accuracy of their devices.

Traceability and Accreditation in Calibration Consultancy

Traceability refers to the ability to trace the measurement results back to the standards used. It is an important aspect of calibration consultancy because it ensures that the results are accurate and reliable. Accreditation is the process by which an independent third party assesses and recognizes the competence of a calibration service provider. Both traceability and accreditation are essential to demonstrate the integrity of the calibration process and results.

Maintaining Calibration Records in Calibration Consultancy

Proper documentation and record-keeping are critical components of calibration consultancy. Calibration records should include information on the equipment, the calibration procedure, and the results of the calibration. These records should be easily accessible, and should be kept for a sufficient period of time


The importance of industrial consultancy services in a highly competitive global market is beyond any dispute. With emerging cutting edge technology for boosting production and enhancing customer satisfaction, the necessity of expert knowledge can’t be overlooked. So, calibration consultancy is not an exception in this regard. And global experts are researching more innovative, effective, user friendly means in the field of calibration consultancy.          

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